Often when I am hunting for a great card layout or design for my holiday cards I fall victim to “the Incredibles” syndrome. What is that syndrome you ask? Well, I will tell you. Years ago when my children were little there was a movie called The Incredibles.  In the beginning of the movie Mr. Incredible is on his way to somewhere and is stopped multiple times to rescue a cat or stop a crime each time saying to himself “I got time.” After several of these rescues, he finally arrives at his destination to find out he almost missed his own wedding!  Although I am in no danger of that, I do find myself dangerously close to missing the chance to mail my holiday cards on time to at least arrive the same year they were made…well except that one or two years where they never got mailed at all. Why did the card lady fall so short of the ink mark? I fell short because I thought “I got time” to do a design that took way too many steps to complete and I started too late. Planning is key, starting early is key and picking a design that doesn’t require destruction of the relationships of your family members in the house…not that i ever had that problem….much.  I am offering my vast vault knowledge to help you avoid the pitfalls that I have had in the past.  There will be a Facebook Live Event this Wednesday and I will be giving tips on picking designs, streamlining your creating process and also a few card demonstrations to help you get started if you are like me and haven’t even begun making your cards. No fear crafters we can do this!  This time we’ll get it done on time!

P.S If you can’t be there to watch the demo live, no worries!  I will make sure the video is posted after the event and you can watch it…when you have time.