Search Find Create!

Something exciting is about to happen.  After months of planning and hard work, I am thrilled to be so close to launching a tool that will eliminate the headache of finding stuff in your craft room or finding the right greeting or image for a project.  For years I have struggled and wasted so much time looking for certain stamp sets, dies, punches or whatever to make a project. I found that sometimes I spent more time looking for the right item instead of having fun creating.  I would look through books and catalogs trying to find that perfect sentiment only to find I ran out of time and have to move on.  Born out of my frustration and that shared frustration from my customers, my husband and I have created and online tool that will help you search, find and create.  You can search a database with hundreds of images and greetings (and growing), find what you are looking for, and create.  The Search Find Create database makes it faster to find what you are looking for and get back to the fun part…creating!

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