Weekly Challenge Cards

Last week’s challenge was to make a Thank You card AND send it to someone.  My mother is huge on sending thank you cards or notes.  It is interesting to think about family traditions, habits, and expectations.  According to family history my great grandmother Nelli was trained as a teacher.  She was very picky about writing thank you notes and how they were written.  Her daughter Bonnie, who is my maternal grandmother, talked about how Nellie was quick to criticize how Bonnie wrote anything. So, Bonnie just stopped writing all together.  As my mom grew up she was mortified that Bonnie would never send thank you notes to people for gifts or anything.  My mom at the time didn’t understand that it was because Bonnie was so worried she would say the wrong thing, so she chose to say nothing at all. I think because my mom was embarrassed that her mother never sent thank you notes, that she made sure she would send them often.  When my husband and I got married my mother had thank you cards ready to be filled out and envelopes already addressed and stamped shortly after the reception.  I think it was only a week or two after the wedding and all the thank you notes were done. She was going to make sure I sent those cards to the friends and family who were so sweet to give us gifts ensuring they were thanked properly.  I am grateful my mom was adamant about that.  It taught me a valuable lesson; people like to know their efforts are appreciated.  The world could always use more kindness and one of the best ways to show it is to say thank you.  So, as you go throughout your day, take time to thank someone.  It will mean more to that person than you realize.

On that note: thank you to those who submitted a card for the challenge.  As always if you want to join us you are welcome to do so.  Even if you don’t submit your projects, the challenges are a great way to break out of your comfort zone, pull out your craft supplies, and try something new.  I look forward to hearing from you!